The EuroAmerica Cup will take place from July 3rd to July 7th in Lisbon. It will be the first edition of the event and it will try to replicate the golf model (Ryder Cup). A continental team of the Americas will face a European Continental team every two years.

The goal of the cup is to develop padel and give padel visibility worldwide as well as grow the sports and friendship ties between the two continents. The event distributes no prize-money to the players but as it grows it will distribute money to the participating federations if we ever grow padel into a big enough sport to have TV rights (we are counting on it as we already signed a TV contract – unfortunately for no money yet).

The event will be transmitted in an International Sports Channel and also in Live-Streaming to all countries where the channel has no representation – the TV and Stream will be at professional standard with 9 cameras from several angles.

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